Hot Rod Girl

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Hot Rod Girl

Post by ruskin » Thu May 11, 2017 9:56 pm

cowgirl:6330 wrote:Hot Rod Girl
Starring - Lori Nelson as Lisa Vernon, the Hot Rod Girl, Chuck Connors as Detective Ben Merrill, Mark Andrews as Bronc Talbot, John Smith as Jeff Northrup, Frank Gorsham as Flat Top, Roxanne Arlen as L.P., Fred Essler as Yo-Yo, Eddie Ryder as Two Tanks, Del Erickson as Steve Northrup,
Directed by - Bernard Kowalski (1958) - B&W

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - Hot Rod Girl, a classic drag racing movie from the days of Old School. Starring Chuck Connors, best known for his role as Lucas McCain in The Rifleman, and Frank Gorsham, best known as the diabolical Riddler on the Batman TV show. Lori Nelson plays Lisa Vernon, the Hot Rod Girl, a young teenager who loves fast cars and the boys who drive them. The movie features some terrific shots of drag racing, muscle cars, and old school horsepower from the racetrack in California. You'll love the Hot Rod Girl's killer 1955 Ford T-Bird. Leo Gordon is credited with the screenplay.  (Remember Leo Gordon?)

You can watch the entire 1958 movie "Hot Rod" for free. No downloads, just click and enjoy. ... heme=guide

Thanks Laurie for this link/info.
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