Poor Mark!

We all know how much Mark loved school! Alright so I exaggerated just a little bit. We never did hear him say he wanted to grow up to be a teacher. Let's talk about Mark’s school days, school issues, homework, teachers, etc.
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Poor Mark!

Post by Deneen » Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:10 pm

"Baranca" ~ Mark had a tooth pulled.
Mark and Lucas leave the doctor's office and Lucas tells Mark that he has to go to school. :msn-oh:

"The Woman" ~ Mark has the measles. He still has to do his school work.

"Trail Of Hate" ~ Mark hits his head on a rock - again. Mark is unconscious. I think he may have a mild concussion. A few days later - Lucas is helping Mark with his home-work. :o
I think Mark could have milked that situation for at least a week. :lol:

Lucas really takes Mark's education seriously. Geezzz - Does the poor boy ever get a break from school?

Oh wait - Lucas did let Mark stay home from school (1 Day) in "The Patsy". Lucas didn't want Mark fighting with Jeff Barrows.

All the studying Mark did made Lucas proud of the good grades Mark got. And Lucas sometimes rewarded Mark for doing so well in school. :icon_smile:


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Re: Poor Mark!

Post by wildwest » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:25 pm

wow you listed some great points here. Schoolwork and chores was a running theme in the show as well as 'the Golden Rule' we need more of this today
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