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Blackjack Stuntman aka Jack N. Young - Unsung Hero

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:03 pm
by cowgirl

I asked Blackjack if he had any information to share with the fans about being a stuntman and also with the stunt horses and about the stunt horse falling in Eight Hours to Die. How does he do that stunt without hurting himself or the horse?

Blackjack: The horse is trained to go down when your boot touches it’s nose. Also, hauling the reigns quickly to one side helps. These are not just ‘any’ animals. They are all trained for different stunts.

A secret of mine: Most people would think I would get really scraped and bruised when being drug like in an episode of The Rifleman - Home Ranch. However, underneath those loose fitting clothes I always had my wetsuit which I kept when I left the Navy. Best protection ever.

Beside Home Ranch he also did stunts in Eight Hours to Die and also did long distance riding for Lucas.

Jack and I are going to take you on a journey of his long career of being a stuntman in both movies and television.

I hope you enjoy this section as much as I enjoy going through all of Blackjack's work.