Character of A Coward - part 2

Growing up, my brothers watched “The Rifleman” on occasion, and with nothing better to do I would join them. To be honest, I didn't understand why they liked the show so much; yet as I watched more episodes I found myself intrigued by the family aspect in the western series… and I fell in love with the bond Lucas and Mark shared.
I started writing my stories so I could explore their relationship even more and dive deeper into the depths of their bond.

Five season wasn't long enough for me; I wanted to see Mark finish growing up, get married, have children. I wanted to see the bond the McCain men shared continue through Mark's adult life. I also wanted to see some old friends come back to town.

“Someone to Call Pa” picks up just about where the TV show ended, and I welcome you to explore what the McCain's life could've been like. I so enjoyed writing these stories; I hope you enjoy reading about the McCain’s lives after the fifth season!
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Character of A Coward - part 2

Post by cowgirl » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:27 pm

Character of a Coward, Part Two
Mark struggles with putting the past behind him in multiple ways, making it difficult to prepare for the future. Can Lucas get through to his son when he realizes he's moved forward too quickly for Mark, or will Mark keep his nightmares a secret? And what would happen if John... asked for forgiveness?
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