Character of a Coward, part 1

Growing up, my brothers watched “The Rifleman” on occasion, and with nothing better to do I would join them. To be honest, I didn't understand why they liked the show so much; yet as I watched more episodes I found myself intrigued by the family aspect in the western series… and I fell in love with the bond Lucas and Mark shared.
I started writing my stories so I could explore their relationship even more and dive deeper into the depths of their bond.

Five season wasn't long enough for me; I wanted to see Mark finish growing up, get married, have children. I wanted to see the bond the McCain men shared continue through Mark's adult life. I also wanted to see some old friends come back to town.

“Someone to Call Pa” picks up just about where the TV show ended, and I welcome you to explore what the McCain's life could've been like. I so enjoyed writing these stories; I hope you enjoy reading about the McCain’s lives after the fifth season!
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Character of a Coward, part 1

Post by cowgirl » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:28 pm

Character of a Coward, Part One
Mark's slowly increasing suspicion of John Osborne is justified when he uncovers a nineteen year old secret; one that discloses the true character of Osborne and reveals him as a coward.
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