Peter Whitney

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Peter Whitney

Post by cowgirl » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:28 am

What a great character actor! He appeared on The Rifleman nine times.

He was on Gunsmoke yesterday in Harper's Blood. Good episode, but another one of those sad episodes.

A hard man has given his two sons a hard raising, sure that they inherited their mother's bad blood from their murderous ancestor. The old man may be right: one of his sons may be a murderer. Or is it the other son?

He was the pa of two sons. In this episode one of his sons was Conlan Carter. Conlan Carter was also his son in Lou Mallory & Which Way'd They Go? as Ned Jackman.

Whitney played a great mean Pa! He could play any part and get away with it. Great actor.

I found this neat website on him.....

The Giant Talent of Peter Whitney

I forgot he was in The Rough Riders. I'm going to check this out, wouldn't mind seeing this after all these years.
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Re: Peter Whitney

Post by wildwest » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:42 pm

Great info on Peter. He was one of those bad guys you loved to hate. Very talented. Its always great to know the back story of our beloved actors.

Like Ken Curtis, the bumbling Festus, was a talented singer and songwriter, member of the Sons of the Pioneers. He even sang in several TV roles. they are on youtube.
John Milford was an educated engineer who was credited with the original design for Hollywood Walk of Fame
Buddy Epson who usually played comedy was a talented dancer as well
Burt Reynolds who later in life played 'stud' roles started out as a stunt man and was great in westerns

and there are so many more who defined the early TV and movie industry. so many actors have given us much to enjoy for generations to come and Peter is one of them!
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