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Morgan's Corner

Post by cowgirl » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:47 pm

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*If you wish to post comments to these stories, you can do so by clicking on Post Reply. Please be sure to list the episode you are commenting on.....

Growing up, my brothers watched “The Rifleman” on occasion, and with nothing better to do I would join them. To be honest, I didn't understand why they liked the show so much; yet as I watched more episodes I found myself intrigued by the family aspect in the western series… and I fell in love with the bond Lucas and Mark shared.
I started writing my stories so I could explore their relationship even more and dive deeper into the depths of their bond.

Five season wasn't long enough for me; I wanted to see Mark finish growing up, get married, have children. I wanted to see the bond the McCain men shared continue through Mark's adult life. I also wanted to see some old friends come back to town.

“Someone to Call Pa” picks up just about where the TV show ended, and I welcome you to explore what the McCain's life could've been like. I so enjoyed writing these stories; I hope you enjoy reading about the McCain’s lives after the fifth season!

1. Someone to Call Pa
When Mark's worst nightmare becomes a reality, he struggles to accept the fact that he no longer has someone to call Pa.

2. Cherishing the Time
As Mark and Lucas continue life on the McCain ranch, they both find there are things they will have to learn to accept as Mark gets older and Lucas goes missing.

3. The Telegram
A forgotten telegram leads to an unexpected visitor at the ranch... will this visitor bring good or bad changes to North Fork?

4. Choices
Mark has to make same major decisions concerning the direction of his life, but these choices are the least of his problems when he ends up in jail.

5. Aunt Camilla
Cassie's aunt comes for a visit, bringing a pleasant surprise to North Fork. However, Cassie is left wondering if Mark will ever get to meet her aunt as she watches Mark knock on death's door.

6. Do you trust me?
"Cassie, do you trust me?"
Mark's question caught Cassie by surprise, but after a moment she responded.
"... Of course I do."
"Then please trust me and my judgement now. This is what I've got to do, and I have to do it alone. You can't tell anyone that I've left; they'll figure it soon enough when I'm not at church Sunday."

7. Family
When buried family secrets are revealed, Mark and Cassie are both reminded that family is what you make it.

8. Character of a Coward, Part One
Mark's slowly increasing suspicion of John Osborne is justified when he uncovers a nineteen year old secret; one that discloses the true character of Osborne and reveals him as a coward.

9. Character of a Coward, Part Two
Mark struggles with putting the past behind him in multiple ways, making it difficult to prepare for the future. Can Lucas get through to his son when he realizes he's moved forward too quickly for Mark, or will Mark keep his nightmares a secret? And what would happen if John... asked for forgiveness?

10. Character of a Coward, Part Three
Everyone in North Fork attempts to return their lives to normal after the trial. However, an intruder at the Donalds' and a murder attempt make "normal" a fantasy.

11. Partners
Mark and Lucas finally learn how to be partners in the full sense of the word when they face losing yet another wife and mother.

12. New Beginnings
While Milly takes steps towards recovery, Mark and Cassie settle into married life and Anna begins nursing school. It isn't long, however, before a young girl is found outside of town with a letter for Lucas… and no memory of who she is.

13. Reunions & Goodbyes
Family and friends come together to celebrate the holidays before goodbyes must be said.

14. The Poem:
I gave you a warning as plain as can be, But you didn't listen and antagonized me. One wasn't enough; you had to take two So what's coming to you is long overdue. Do not try my patience, for it easily is lost, And the life of your son could be the cost. This is your one and only warning... Come, lest you join me in my mourning.

15. Rifle Shy
“What are you doing here!?” Lucas demanded.
“Well, you forgot your rifle.” Mark replied, picking the Winchester up.
“You know I didn't forget it.”

16. The Suitor
Lucas thought he'd been through it all when he raised Mark. But when a trouble maker and Rachael take a liking to each other, he's at a complete loss for what to do.

17. Cattle and Children
As Lou, Milly, and Laura prepare for the arrival of their children, Mark and Lucas prepare the cattle for market. However, when Mark insists that Lucas stays home to be there when the youngest McCain is born, tragedy strikes.

18. A Town Divided
Micah finds himself in a difficult situation when he has to arrest Mark for murder.

19. Friend or Foe
An old friend of Lucas's returns, looking for a second chance. Mark, however, is completely against the man being in town and sees him as a threat.

20. School Days
Cassie is asked to teach at the school while Stephan is away.

21. Announcements
All of Catherine's children end up needing to share news with the rest of the family.

22. Change of Season
Change of Seasons
The McCains encounter a change of season they never expected.

23. Forever Home
Forever Home
Mark's family struggles to not look back.
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