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Hattie's General Store

Post by cowgirl » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:32 am

 ! Message from: cowgirl
2 Items for Sale.....
1. For Sale - A stunning dye transfer photograph of Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford taken for the February 7 - 13th for TV Guide.


TV Guide Transfer Photo Information

The matte on the picture is a bit discolored from aging. Very good condition!

This example Not For Sale: This picture sat on Chuck's Fireplace


2. For Sale - TV Guide sealed in heavy plastic / vacuum sealed
At the top of this is a GA Authentication plaque w/# - classified NM-MT condition.

Sorry about the flash.....

Either of these items or both would be a great addition to someone's collection.

Any questions or If interested in either of these items please get with cowgirl@riflemanconnors.com

If more than one person applies for this at the same time, earliest e-mail gets first chance at both or either items.
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