Budd Boetticher Westerns on TCM 6/25

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Budd Boetticher Westerns on TCM 6/25

Post by judymcl » Tue May 09, 2017 7:59 pm

PJH:5470 wrote:"Oscar "Budd" Boetticher, Jr. (July 29, 1916 – November 29, 2001) was a film director during the classical period in Hollywood most famous for the series of low-budget Westerns he made in the late 1950s starring Randolph Scott. Known for their sparse style, dramatic rocky locations near Lone Pine, California, and recurring stories of a lone man seeking vengeance amidst a brutal and abstract landscape, the films have, decades after their release, come to be known as some of the most important Westerns ever made."(Wikipedia)

On June 25 several Boetticher westerns with Randolpf Scott will be featured on TCM  For those of you who are fans, enjoy!

8:30 am EST  Boetticher documentary
11:30 am EST  Comanche Station
1:00  pm EST  Buchanan Rides Alone
2:30 pm EST  Ride Lonesome
4:00 pm EST  Decision at Sundown
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